January 19-21 2021 | Virtual

Making Event History

Watch RainFocus INSIGHT 2021 sessions on-demand and learn from industry leaders how we can make history by reinventing event success, optimizing event marketing impact, and thriving in a digital world.

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Join the leading community of event professionals.

Don’t know where to begin? Choose the track that best aligns to your role; then we’ll carefully curate an agenda to help maximize your time and event experience.

Explore the innovative strategies that are powering event success, fostering cross-functional alignment, and delivering business value.

  • Learn from leading brands such as IBM, ServiceNow, VMware, and others as they share their transformation journeys, success stories, and learnings.
  • Explore new gamification and monetization strategies for virtual, physical, and hybrid events to maximize engagement and accelerate results.
  • Measure your events like never before with best practices for optimizing your combined event data.

Example Keynotes and Sessions

The State of Events

Everything we thought we knew about events has changed over the past year. This is a major inflection point. A moment in history. A chance to thrive. Learn about how RainFocus has adapted, what we’re doing to empower our clients, and how you can level up your events in 2021 and beyond.

Game On: Strategies to Engage Attendees

Gain insight into the gamification framework that's helping guide personalized event behaviors, and see how to design your own game within RainFocus—led by the experts that created it.

What Comes First, Event Content or Event Tech?

Here's the age-old question - what comes first, content or tech? Learn about content development and distribution from the event content and tech leads of VMworld. Take away ideas for how event tech can improve stakeholder communications and overall content production, review, and distribution.

Featured Speakers

Allison Crooker

Director, Event Content at VMware

Todd Harrison

Event Manager at Suse

Rachel Heller

Senior Event Content Manager at PTC

JR Sherman

CEO at RainFocus

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This event has been great because the events industry is a very close-knit group of people, but you don’t always get access to people who are like you in your role. I’ve already met 30 people who I didn’t know before who now I can rely on, and they on me, to share ideas.

Scott Owens

Senior Director of Strategic Events, ServiceNow